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Welcome to the website of RACCS, the Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland, which supports breeders and owners of all colours of Abyssinian and Russian cats - and Nebelungs too - in Scotland, the UK and around the world.

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News from shows in the Netherlands and Australia on 29 October:
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Available Russian Blue
There is a mature Russian Blue on our Rehoming page,
looking for a new family to love

Looking for a kitten?
See our Kitten Page including:
Abyssinian kittens in York

  GrCh & UKGrPr Furbell Mousekin, Russian Blue
UK & Olympian Silver IGrCh Abydreames SpecsappealElenita Buskin Rascal, Russian BlackKimara Ataiga Lovin Silky Blues

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