The Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland
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IGrPr Glendavan Azamour, Usual AbyssinianElenita Buskin Rascal, Russian BlackUK, Imp&IntGrCh Nishalka Fiera, Sorrel AbyssinianIGrCh Sithee Lilliebullero, Russian Blue

Welcome to RACCS

Welcome to the website of RACCS, the Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland, which supports breeders and owners of all colours of Abyssinian and Russian cats - and Nebelungs too - in Scotland, the UK and around the world.

Show results
Highlights from the Manchester and Wyvern shows, plus shows in Australia and the Netherlands are on our Show Results page

New Imperial titled cat
Another RACCS cat wins an Imperial title -
see our Imperial Cats page

Looking for a kitten?
Russian, Abyssinian and Nebelung kittens listed on our Kitten Page. Latest additions:
a Usual Abyssinian in Yorkshire, and Russian Bues expected, also in Yorkshire. The Russian Blues in Doncaster are now all booked.

Breed seminar

There will be a breed seminar for the Russian and Abyssinian breeds on 21 September. Please click here for details.

  GrCh & UKGrPr Furbell Mousekin, Russian BlueCh Glendavan Getta Mauve-on, first Champion Lilac AbyssinianGrCh&Pr Troika Maria Morevna, Russian BlueGrCh Abychat Honeycomb, Fawn Abyssinian

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