The Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland
Member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
IGrPr Glendavan Azamour, Usual AbyssinianElenita Buskin Rascal, Russian BlackUK, Imp&IntGrCh Nishalka Fiera, Sorrel AbyssinianIGrCh Sithee Lilliebullero, Russian Blue

Welcome to RACCS

Welcome to the website of RACCS, the Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland, which supports breeders and owners of all colours of Abyssinian and Russian cats - and Nebelungs too - in Scotland, the UK and around the world.

RACCS Show on 6 December 2014
Please see our RACCS Show page
for details of all our winners!

Looking for a kitten?
Russian and Abyssinian kittens are listed on our Kitten Page. Latest addition:
Usual Abyssinian girl in Sutton Coldfield

GCCF title winners
The latest formally confirmed title winners have been added to our 2014 titles page.

  GrCh & UKGrPr Furbell Mousekin, Russian BlueCh Glendavan Getta Mauve-on, first Champion Lilac AbyssinianGrCh&Pr Troika Maria Morevna, Russian BlueGrCh Abychat Honeycomb, Fawn Abyssinian

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