The Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland
Member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Bluebebop Russians
and Nebelungs

Breeder of Russian Blues, Russian Blacks, and Nebelungs: based in Rockingham, W. Australia

GrCh Bluebebop Biddle De Bop Samba (RUS n)
GrCh Bluebebop Jaco Pastorius (RUS a)
GrCh Bluebebop Atavachron (RUS a)
and later, the first Nebelung stud cat in Australia
Odin du Fort de la Bosse Marniere (NEB)


Diamond GrCh Bluebebop Jazz Suite (RUS a)
Diamond GrCh Bluebebop Kitty Butterfield (RUS a)
GrCh Bluebebop Jazz Serenade (RUS n)
Ch Bluebebop Jazz Prelude (RUS a)
Ch Bluebebop Rite of Spring (RUS a)
Ch Bluebebop Fauvette des Jardins (RUS a)
Ch Bluebebop Jazz Aria (RUS a)
Bluebebop Jazz Echo (RUS a)
Oop Bop Sh'Bam du Fort de la Bosse Marniere (NEB) - the first Nebelung breeding queen in Australia

GrPr Bluebebop Jazz Fantasy (RUS a)
Emerald GrCh Bluebebop Scheherazade (RUS a)

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