The Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland



Breeder based in Lancashire
Kittens sometimes available to loving homes.

Our studs:
Supreme UK Olympian Gold IGrCh Linczozo Javier Fernandez (ABY b)
GrCh Glendavan Artemis (ABY c)
Ch A-Amor van Ermelinde (ABY n)

Our queens:
GrCh Linczozo Tutu (ABY n)
Ch Linczozo Clementine (ABY o)
Ch Linczozo Sticky Toffee Pud (ABY o)
Ch Linczozo Madrid (ABY n)
Ch Linczozo Bee's Knees (ABY n)
Ch Glendavan Constance (ABY n)
(Best of Variety winner, Supreme 2016)
Ch Linczozo Gerti (ABY o)

Our neuters:
Olympian Gold IGrCh & Pr
Linczozo Cat's Pyjamas (ABY n)
GrCh Surfin Summer Sky (ABY a)
Ch Pontaby Leonessa (ABY o)

Morna Lincoln
Tel: 01254 232036

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