The Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland

to the website of the Russian and Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland - RACCS - which was set up to support breeders and owners of all colours of Russian and Abyssinian cats, building on the network of mutual support that already existed in Scotland and the UK.

Russian Blues, Whites and Blacks; and all colours of Abyssinians have seen their support grow a lot in recent years, with even the northern-most championship shows in the UK having an entry of around 20 Russian Blues and Abyssinians in competition. This is a trend we welcome, and hope will continue for both breeds.

If you have any queries about our beautiful breeds, or would like to know more about RACCS please contact us on:

    RACCS breeds cuddled up together, Russian Blue and Sorrel AbyssinianCh Siykat Stella Dushenka, Russian Blue

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