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Breed numbers and Show Key
The list below shows the various 'shorthand' used to describe breed colors, gender and show awards.

23 Usual Abyssinian
23a Sorrel Abyssinian
23b Chocolate Abyssinian
23c Blue Abyssinian
23d Lilac Abyssinian
23e Fawn Abyssinian
23f Red Abyssinian (sex linked)
23g Cream Abyssinian (sex linked)
23t Tortie Abyssinian
  (23t indicates Usual Tortie but the letter can be added to any colour)
23s Silver Abyssinian
  (23s indicates Usual Silver but the letter can be added to any colour)
16a Russian Blue
16a14c Russian White
16a15 Russian Black

M Male
F Female
MN Neutered Male
FN Neutered Female
K Kitten
1,2,3,4,5 Placing in Open class, 1st, 2nd etc.
BoB Best of Breed
CC Challenge Certificate
PC Premier Certificate
GCC Grand Challenge Certificate
GPC Grand Premier Certificate
IGCC Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate
IGPC Imperial Grand Premier Certificate
Res Reserve certificate
UK GCC UK Grand Challenge Certificate
UK GPC UK Grand Premier Certificate


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