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29.06.13 - Maine Coon Cat Club

There was just the two Nebelungs at this show, both of them enjoying a great day. Special congratulations to:
- Adzwolo BMW Alpina (69) who at his last kitten show won his merit, best of breed, and 1st in all his classes - a 'red card' day
- Adzwolo Brumeux Gregor (69) who at his first adult show won his 'lucky thirteenth' merit, best of breed, and Best of Assessment Breeds!

If you would like to see more results from this show and also read judges critiques when they are published please follow the link to visit the official GCCF show report page.

Mrs Butters
Adzwolo Brumeux Gregor (69) MN
7 points
Mrs Lyall
MALE 1 Merit BoB Adzwolo BMW Alpina (69)
8 points
Mrs Lyall
MALE 1 Merit BoB Adzwolo Brumeux Gregor (69)
10 points

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