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Breed numbers and show abbreviations
The list below shows the various 'shorthand' used to describe breed colors, gender and show awards. In 2014 the GCCF moved over to using 'GEMS' codes for breed numbers, but the old breed numbers are still shown below too.

ABY n Usual Abyssinian 23  
ABY o Sorrel Abyssinian 23a  
ABY b Chocolate Abyssinian 23b  
ABY a Blue Abyssinian 23c  
ABY c Lilac Abyssinian 23d  
ABY p Fawn Abyssinian 23e  
ABY d Red Abyssinian (sex linked) 23f  
ABY e Cream Abyssinian (sex linked) 23g  
ABY f Usual Tortie Abyssinian 23t  
ABY q Sorrel Tortie Abyssinian 23at  
ABY h Chocolate Tortie Abyssinian 23bt  
ABY g Blue Tortie Abyssinian 23ct  
ABY j Lilac Tortie Abyssinian 23dt  
ABY r Fawn Tortie Abyssinian 23et  
ABY s Usual Silver Abyssinian* 23s  
*In both systems adding ‘s’ to the breed number indicates ‘silver’ eg a Blue Tortie Silver Aby would be 23cts under the old GCCF system and ABY gs under the GEMS system
RUS a Russian Blue 16a  
RUS w 64 Russian White 16a 14c  
RUS w 61 Blue-eyed Russian White * 16a 14  
RUS w 63 Odd-eyed (blue and green) Russian White * 16a 14b  
RUS n Russian Black 16a 15  
*registered on the Reference Register with no progression: cannot be shown in pedigree competition or bred from
NEB Nebelung 69  
NEB v Short-haired Nebelung Variant * 69 v  
*The result of allowed outcrosses to Russian Blues: cannot be shown in pedigree competition (although can be shown for an individual assessment) , but can be used in Nebelung breeding programmes *

Neutered Male
Neutered Female
1,2,3,4,5 Placing in Breed/Colour class, 1st, 2nd etc.
BoB Best of Breed - awarded separately to the best cat, kitten and neuter in each breed
CC Challenge Certificate - three are needed for the Champion (Ch) title. A cat must be 9 months old to compete for titles
PC Premier Certificate - three are needed for the Premier (Pr) title, the equivalent of Champion for neutered cats
IC Intermediate Certificate (this level removed wef 26 October 2013)
Merit Merit Certificate - awarded to newer breeds on the first rung of progression to Championship status - in RACCS, Nebelungs and Red/Cream/Tortie Abyssinians
GCC Grand Challenge Certificate - only full Champions can compete for these . Three are needed for the title of Grand Champion (GrCh)
GPC Grand Premier Certificate - as for the above, but for full Premier-titled cats competing to be Grand Premier (GrPr)
IGCC Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate - only full Grand Champions can compete for these. Five are needed for the title Imperial Grand Champion (IGrCh)
IGPC Imperial Grand Premier Certificate - as for IGCCs, but the neutered equivalent for Grand Premiers only
OGCC Olympian Grand Challenge Certificate - the highest level of competition at normal shows - five certificates are needed for the title Olympian Bronze, another five for Olympian Silver and a further five for Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Champion (OGIGrCh, OSIGrCh, OGIGrCh)
OGPC Olympian Grand Premier Certificate - as for OGCCs for neutered cats
UKGCC UK Grand Challenge Certificate - only awarded at the GCCF's own show, the Supreme Show. Only Imperial and Olympian-titled cats can compete for these certificates - two are needed for the UK title.
UKGPC UK Grand Premier Certificate - as for UKGCC
Res Reserve certificate (ie runner-up)
Equivalent wards are also made to household pets, starting with MasterCat awards, then Grand MasterCat, Imperial Grand MasterCat and Olympian Grand MasterCat.


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