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Yahoo group
We have a Yahoo! Group exclusively for members of RACCS. Club members can access a comprehensive information source in this group, including club newsletters and other documents, photographs of lots of Russians and Abyssinians (feel free to add more if you want!) and genetics charts to help you work out what colour kittens you may get from different matings.

In addition, one email to the RACCS group will give you access to all group members who can provide on-line practical advice on all aspects of caring for our beautiful cats and kittens.

If you prefer to seek advice on a confidential basis you still can, by using our normal email,

It's easy to sign up for this group, just click on the link below and follow the on-screen instructions

You will need to register with Yahoo! if you haven't already, but can then choose which email address you prefer to receive messages on from the group. Any problems, just contact us at


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